Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll-on

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Nivea whitening roll-on lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. Its natural ingredients, licorice extracts, and witch hazel reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer whiter underarms. So from now on, there’ll be nothing holding you back from wearing your favorite sleeveless dress anymore! Available in spray & roll-on. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Visibly even-toned and smooth underarms. Reliable protection from body odor. Skin tolerance dermatologically proves.

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Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll-on, 50ml For Even Toned & Smoother Underarms With Vitamin C & Avocado Extracts

Product Description:
  • Nivea deodorant roll-on, whitening smooth skin, 50ml
  • care for your underarms with Nivea whitening smooth skin roll on it contains multi extracts which give you even-toned underarms along with odour control
  • the Nivea whitening smooth skin roll-on is reliable for taking care of your underarm skin


Volume50 Milliliters
Units50 Milliliters


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Product Information

Whitening Smooth Skin Roll-On

Care for your underarms with NIVEA Whitening Smooth Skin Roll-On. It contains multi extracts that give you even-toned underarms along with odor control.

It’s zero alcohol formula combines NIVEA’s gentle care and reliable protection. The NIVEA Whitening Smooth Skin Roll On is reliable for taking care of your underarm skin. Maximum Shelf Life 30 Months

Customer Review

(1) In love with it it

(2)  Best deal in the market!
It’s one of the best product Nivea has to offer. One of the best deodorants. Close your eyes and go for it



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